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At, we envision a world where borders do not limit aspirations. Established with a profound commitment to facilitating global mobility, Shebaru stands as a beacon for individuals aspiring to study, explore, and build a life beyond borders. Our comprehensive suite of services spans study visas, tourist visas, and immigration consultancy, providing a holistic approach to international travel and relocation. We guide you choosing the right educational path in abraod from Bangladesh. typically shebaru has the following qualities,
1. Expertise and Experience
2. Comprehensive Services
3. Integrity and Transparency


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Student Visa

Tailored guidance on choosing the right educational path. Comprehensive support through the visa application process. Pre-departure assistance for a seamless transition into international education

Tourist Visa

Customized travel itineraries and destination advice.Hassle-free visa application assistance.Thorough information on travel requirements and regulations.


In-depth guidance on immigration processes for various countries Assistance with documentation and application procedures A dedicated team to navigate the complexities of international relocation Why Shebaru.

Study visa from Bangladesh

Study Abroad Destinations


Discover limitless opportunities; USA, the ultimate study destination for academic excellence and cultural diversity.

Explore education excellence in Canada, your prime study destination for innovation, diversity, and growth.

Malaysia welcomes you with accessible student visas, ensuring a seamless path to academic excellence.

Embark on an educational journey in Australia with streamlined student visas for global accessibility.

Europe beckons with accessible student visas, opening doors to a world-class education and cultural exploration.

Unlock India’s potential with ease—seamless student visa access for a transformative educational journey.

Travel Destinations


Embark on an epic adventure across the USA, where diverse landscapes await every traveler’s exploration.

Embark on a captivating journey through Canada’s tourism hotspots, blending nature’s allure with cultural richness.

Embark on a cultural odyssey through Malaysia’s tourism gems, where diversity and beauty harmoniously captivate.

Courses Details
Computer science

Computer science

In today’s digital age, there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled computer scientists. Virtually every industry relies on technology, creating a vast array of career options and high-demand job opportunities.



Embark on a dynamic career journey with a BBA or or MBA. Unlock diverse job opportunities, from strategic management roles to entrepreneurial ventures, shaping the future of business all over the world.

hospitality management

Hotel Management

Embark on a dynamic career in Hotel Management, where hospitality meets business. Unlock a world of diverse job opportunities, from managing luxury resorts to overseeing event planning and culinary experiences.

MBBS Study

MBBS Study

Foreign Medical University & colleges are more affordable for studying MBBS than any private medical colleges in Bangladesh. From clinical practice and research to public health leadership, making a profound impact on healthcare globally.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering

Embark on a dynamic career shaping the world around us. Civil engineering opens doors to diverse job opportunities, from infrastructure development to environmental sustainability. Join the transformation.


All Subject

Explore a world of endless possibilities with this subjects Hotel Management to MBBS. Unlock diverse job opportunities, from the world best Universities and learn future of technology and innovation.