Top 10 professional services in Bangladesh

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Top 10 professional services in Bangladesh

Quality professional services are always in demand, especially in the city areas. Along with the improvement of lifestyle, people of the urban areas often look for services in different sectors. There are many service providers in our country that provide satisfactory services in different professional areas. The most popular professional services are health care service, shifting – both house and office shifting, cleaning, tailoring, courier or parcel service, security services, and so on.

Health Service

One of the major concerns of urban people is their health and fitness. To ensure these health issues, and maintaining good fitness, people in the cities spend a huge amount of money. To grab this money, there are hundreds of healthcare service providers including private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and doctors’ chambers in the market. Recently there is another particular healthcare service added, that is taking the patient, or taking appointments of foreign hospitals. The international reported hospitals are also investing in Bangladesh to find a lot of new customers using their global popularity. Along with making business, maintaining a quality health care service is always a challenge for most providers. As a lot of people face different types of fraudulent issues, they always try to look for a trustworthy service provider. The charges depend on the type of hospitals, the type of service, and the reputation and skills of the doctors. However, most people often believe that, if they spend more money, they are likely to get a better service.


People in the cities often have to move their address from one place to another. It can be a house or office shifting. So, for the shifting of either office or house, they look for quality providers who can ensure no loss of their product and furniture as they have to spend a huge amount of money to buy them. To ensure quality shipping services, there are different types of small entrepreneurs who provide pack up, move and drop services. The service charges may vary depending on the distance, timing and quality. As always, better quality often cost more money.


is often a big challenge for busy people who have to spend a lot of time at their office or business. There are some cleaning service providers in Dhaka, that give cleaning facilities on a regular or temporary basis. During festivals like Eid, New Year, or other occasions like wedding ceremonies, people often hire cleaning service providers to clean their offices or house. Because of the huge competition in the market, the charges may vary. However, quality service always comes up with a good amount of money.

Courier Service

Courier or parcel service is always in demand. It is a form of transport service. As people in the city areas often have to face a lot of traffic congestion, they hire different types of parcel services to send and receive their documents, furniture, or equipment. Intercity or inter-district courier service is also popular in Bangladesh. To carry furniture, equipment, electronic devices, and documents people often use the service from both reputed and locally known courier service providers. The companies which are already popular with their services often charged higher than the less popular companies. However, in most cases, these service providers are always very careful to handle the document and furniture. Keeping the receipt after sending any kind of document or equipment, is always a good idea to claim compensation in case of damage to the product.


Although readymade garments and dresses are very popular among young people, still there are a lot of people who like to take tailor-made garments, particularly for formal occasions and offices. There are many tailors in Dhaka and in the other cities of Bangladesh. Most of them maintain a similar charge for the same type of dresses. However, the charges may vary a little depending on the brand image of the tailors. To take comfortable dresses, people try to find a suitable tailor. Comfort is the main issue in the question of choosing a suitable tailor. So it is always a good idea to find a suitable tailor, with a little consideration of the charges to get comfortable dresses made.

Professional Logo Design 

In modern business, a virtual existence by having a website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel is very important. To show the virtual existence with a clear Band image a logo or icon is very necessary. For this reason, logo design has become a very popular service in Bangladesh. The new startups and companies often try to take very attractive logos to establish their brand image and catch new customers. Having a bunch of creative logo makers and graphic designers, the logo design service providers often ensure customer satisfaction with a quality color combination.

Security Service 

To give security to the employees at the office, ATM booths, and customers, most companies hire a lot of security staff from the security service providers. Therefore, it has become a very profitable business in the city areas, especially in large cities like Dhaka. Hiring security staff for a particular company is always troublesome for most small entrepreneurs, or even for big companies. So, they always try to go to security service providers to ensure the security they want. Security service companies hire people to provide guard services and carry money.

AC Servicing

Most offices in Dhaka try to ensure a comfortable environment using air conditioners for their employees and customers. So, servicing AC is a good business in the city. In other cities, people also look for AC servicing companies to repair their expensive and luxurious air conditioners. Quality AC servicing always cost a lot of money. The customer must be careful about the quality of the technicians. Having an air conditioner is also common in the houses of solvent families in large cities. So, they often look for AC service providers to make sure their AC works better without any noise.

Car Wash and Polish

As most cities like Dhaka are very much fast-moving, people often have to take a car or other vehicles like jeep or micro-buses. They also often have to polish and wash their cars. In most cases, car owners cannot manage enough time to wash their cars. Moreover, polishing is not possible for car owners because of several technical issues. As a result, they often need a good car wash and polish facility service to give a new look. And it is a good source of business.

Tax Return Service 

Most wage earners in the city often try to avoid any kind of legal troubles regarding their tax returns. So, they always try to find a reliable law firm where that can take a quality service for their tax return. Most lawyers provide this service at the beginning of their careers. There are also a lot of law firms in Dhaka that provide tax return services both for corporate and personal levels. Tax return for personal files is very common, and the charge is mostly the same for most service providers. Corporate tax return charges may vary depending on a lot of factors.


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